a sneak peek into The DiamonD: VEGAS


Six Days before Sun. Jan. 10th

1:30 p.m. ~ Flamingo Casino, Las Vegas 


     5K is what she had left behind.

     And the man saw something genuinely wrong with that.

     Because – and according to him – a “working” girl doesn’t leave big money behind unless she is hiding something.

     And that is what prompted the man to investigate, and he had been investigating for several months now, and so far he had come up empty handed until now as four men in their late 20’s dressed in snug hugging jeans, t-shirts, v-necks and slim fitting blazers – men, who without a doubt, have done their fair share of muscling – walked into the hotel suite of their Boss who was sitting on one of the two oversized loveseats; Remi Martin in hand, his gaze glued to the stack still sitting untouched on top of the table where she had left it.

     “Boss,” The head guard spoke.

     “Yes?” The Boss nodded, wetting his lips; thinking how Remi was losing its touch.

     “Brace yourself,” the guard admonished.

     “Mmm-hmm,” the Boss agreed motioning for the guard to take a seat.  The guard nodded and took to the edge of the sofa, to his Boss’s left. 

     “Her name is. . .Janie,” the guard staggered, stealing an anxious glance at the other three guards before settling a large manila envelope down onto the table in front of him.

     “I’m listening,” the Boss reminded as he settled his empty glass of Remi onto the table and picked up the envelope.  He peered inside for a moment.  Satisfied, he put the envelope back down, crossed a leg over the other and waited.  The guard nodded and straightened out his blazer:  it was basic black and tailored to his athletic build.  Nothing compared to his Boss’s three piece open blue coloured virgin wool suit.  The guard cleared his throat.

     “Janie Ray Ka – ”

     “Hold up!” the Boss tossed up a quick hand thus forcing his head guard to still his tongue and listen, particularly as he chuckled in slight disbelief.  “Do not tell me her last name just so happens to be Kasa, because if you do, Angelo. . .” and the Boss’s threat trailed off with a shake of his head.

     “It’s Kasa, Boss,” the head guard Angelo confirmed despite the minimal threat as he had had his fair share of threats – some more extreme than others.  Angelo’s Boss grunted.  “Janie Ray Kasa-Diamond.”

     “Goddamn it, Angelo!” The Boss then bellowed as his body shifted to the edge of his seat in a fit of rage.  “Roman-fucking-Ryan-Diamond, Angelo?!” Angelo took a deep breath and nodded, keeping to his composure while the other three guards shifted uncomfortably in theirs.  “Are you saying she married that fucking preacher?!” Angelo shook his head.

     “No, Boss.  Roman Diamond is her father-in-law; she married Roman’s youngest son, Shane.”

     “Well if that didn’t just break the Camel’s-fucking-back, Angelo!  I mean,” the Boss agonized, “of all the fucking cunts in the world!” he then raved as his words scaled the four walls of the entire suite coercing the back of Angelo’s tiny neck hairs to stand on end.  “So the bitch at the club was telling the truth about a Shane being married to a DiamonD when all along I thought she was just talking about her heartbreak out of her ass because she just wanted to talk!  And I just so happened to be the fucking idiot who listened!”

     “There’s something else you should know,” Angelo said suddenly, ignoring his Boss’s irate demeanor and clearing his throat uneasily.

     “Jesus-fucking-Christ, Angelo,” the Boss then mustered as both his hands grasped onto both armrests to the loveseat.  Angelo could see that not only was his Boss no more than two seconds away from ripping into the leather fabric he was also two seconds away from ripping into his throat as it was obvious that his Boss didn’t care to hear anything more.  But the way Angelo saw it, his Boss needed to hear it.  “DiamonD is The DiamonD’s Boss.”

     Though Angelo was expecting for his Boss to slip into a blinding rage over the shocking news; news that even had shocked Angelo when he had found out – his Boss instead did the next best thing and kept to his silence.  And when his Boss finally spoke, Angelo found that he wasn’t pleased to hear it.

     “I want it to be known, Angelo that this isn’t exactly the news I wanted to hear.  I just wanted to know who the girl was and move on.  But knowing now who she is and where she comes from and what she commands unfortunately has put things into a conflicting perspective.  Agreed?” Angelo stiffened a nod.  “So with that stated, girl or not, it’s time to rid The DiamonD from Vegas,” the Boss concluded without further thought coercing Angelo to glance up at the other guards warily.

     “Mickey, Jo-Jo. . .Ralphie, give us some room, huh,” Angelo said, motioning toward the doors.

     “Sure, Ang,” Mickey obliged, motioning Jo-Jo and Ralphie to follow him.

     Once the suite cleared, Angelo shifted his attention back to his Boss.  “The DiamonD is well connected – ”

     “That doesn’t mean a thing,” the Boss argued mildly.

     “It means a thing when you stand to lose everything,” Angelo argued in return.

     “Exactly whose side are you on?”

     “I don’t mean to upset you, Uncle Sonny – ”

     “Then don’t, nephew!”

     “They. . .this DiamonD. . .has the majority of Hollywood under its command and in time, they will have all of Hollywood and it’s surroundings.  Aside from that, they’re affiliated with Carmelo’s Royals; The Church-Lucado’s; the Monteagudo Cartel – who just took over another cartel, by the way – The K’Organizace – ”

     “That’s only because they’re related,” Sonny attempted to argue but Angelo ignored him and continued.

     “They’re moving into San Diego and they just got into bed with the L.A. Koreans. . .I mean, this is some serious shit, uncle.”

     “It’s not “some serious shit”, nephew, it’s luck. . .Pure, and simple,” Sonny quoted.

     “It’s not luck, uncle; I can assure you,” Angelo shielded.  “It’s beyond that.  It’s strategy.”

     “Well regardless of how you see it, Angelo, I’m not about to back down.  Las Vegas is my town.  And I’ll be damned if I don’t defend it!”

     “Not with what we have you won’t.”

     “You need to have faith, nephew,” Sonny said tapping Angelo optimistically on his knee.  Angelo said nothing.  He just choked back his frustration and resorted to listening to his uncle instead since his uncle never listened to him or to reason.  As far as Angelo was concerned, he thought it a great stupidity on his part for even thinking he could curb his uncle’s way of thinking; make him understand what was at stake.  But regardless of how Angelo felt – like standing firm on his belief about losing this territorial war with The DiamonD – he loved his uncle and respected him and so he kept to his silence.

     “So,” Sonny continued, “I’m to assume that they all became one big-fucking-happy-family then?”

     “It appears so,” Angelo retorted.

     “Well then, nephew, I think it’s about time to break that ‘big-fucking-happy-family’ apart then, what do you say, hmm?”

     “If that’s the way you want it, uncle.”

     “Hmm,” Sonny said tossing both hands aside and settling back into his seat.  “Get Renteria on the private line.” Angelo nodded and picked up the burner cell from off the square glass table.  He flipped open the receiver and dialed.

     Yeah, Renteria answered on the second ring.

     “Sonny’s on the line for you,” Angelo said turning the cell over to Sonny.



     “How soon can you get to Hollywood?”

     As soon as you give the order.

     “Angelo will courier over the order.  Expect him within the hour.”

     I’ll start packing.

     “Mmm-hmm,” Sonny said handing Angelo back the cell.  Angelo flipped the receiver shut and settled it back down onto the table.  Sonny poured himself another shot of Remi.  “I hate to sacrifice her,” Sonny said almost regrettably after he had sipped his drink.  “It’s almost a shame; she’s a beautiful girl.”

     “But?” Angelo pressed picking up the manila envelope from off the table. 

     “But. . .,” Sonny sighed, swishing his drink around in the glass.  “It’s high time Shane Diamond pay for his deception and DiamonD for hers.”

     “And what of Viktor and Roman, hmm?  Are you sure they won’t interfere, much less, retaliate?”

     “They’re weak.  They value family above all else.  And that will be their downfall.  They won’t need my personal war for that.”

The DiamonD VEGAS pic 2

     “So, the Boss has flipped, huh?” Mickey stated presumptuously as he, Angelo, Jo-Jo and Ralphie headed toward the silver Navigator waiting curbside in front of the Flamingo.  Angelo said nothing.  “Damn!” Mickey retorted heatedly as he stole a glance over his shoulder at Jo-Jo and Ralphie who were following behind he and Angelo.

     “Think Sonny can bluff The DiamonD into folding their hands despite our bankroll being nothin’ more than a bunch of grinders?” Jo-Jo said anxiously.

     “Been playin’ much cards, have we now, Jo-Jo?’ Angelo winked at Jo-Jo as he opened the Navigator’s front passenger door.  Mickey and Ralphie chuckled.

     “Nope.  Just tryin’ to slip a bit of Vegas poetry in there, Angie,” Jo-Jo sustained with a slip of a jab.  Angelo shook his head and slid onto the passenger’s seat and closed the door.

     “The Syntino Famiglia isn’t weak,” Angelo stated belatedly as he passed the large envelope to Ralphie from over his shoulder.  “It’s just we haven’t had a territorial war in a few years so we’re just a little rough around the edges,” Angelo reminded as Mickey pulled the SUV from curbside.

     “Is Sonny aware of that?” Ralphie asked as he sifted through The DiamonD photos with one particular photo catching his eye thus stirring his erection a bit.  The photo he held was of DiamonD taken in a club a few nights back.  She was wearing a skin tight party dress and sky high stilettos and she was gazing up at a table; Ralphie assuming that she was in search of someone.  “She is quite the knock-out,” Ralphie mustered beneath a lengthy sigh as he slipped the photo of DiamonD back into the envelope.  He figured that if he didn’t, he was liable to jack-off all over it.

     “I’m sure he is and that she is,” Angelo said as he gazed out the passenger’s front window; nodding to a couple of pretty girls in sexy garbs – one of them blew him a kiss.

     “Maybe you should get her number?  See what else she blows!?” Jo-Jo joked from behind Angelo’s seat coercing Mickey and Ralphie to laugh.

     “Yeah.  Right, hmm?” Angelo retorted the least bit amused as he wasn’t interested in what the girl could blow only hoping that his uncle’s greed – accompanied by his obsessive pride – wouldn’t blow up in their faces.  “Fuck!” Angelo then mustered as he already felt like they were all just that – fucked.

     “Don’t stress about it, Ang,” Mickey supported after he had heard Angelo’s distressed sigh.  “I’m sure that somewhere beneath that example is a plan of its own,” he then advised leaving Angelo to ponder on those words for a moment.

     “I’m sure there is,” Angelo concluded as he turned away and stared back out the passenger’s window.  The clouds were starting to darken; there was a big storm coming.                


The DiamonD Saga making a Pitch into Hollywood-TV-Land


Yes. . .it is official that I finally got off my pretty ass – and I quote Julia Roberts` character Erin Brockovich:  “Since I have one ass instead of two“– and made the Pitch into Hollywood-TV-Land with my entire HUSH Series but generally focusing on The DiamonD Saga, and so far it`s been a journey “Synopsis-wise“.


All-in-all, I think it was the stress of fitting 10 books and 1 companion book into the required, or more-less, suggested 3 pages that was quite the challenge but I did it AND that’s with The Pitch, Teaser & additional info included.


So now that I`m done with that, it`s on to finishing the 5th volume in HUSH Novelettes and starting the 6th and working toward the ending of The DiamonD:  VEGAS.


If you`d like to view my Hollywood Pitch click THIS.  And because a Synopsis – be it in lit, TV & film – require an ending disclosure to whatever is being pitched, I have omitted to avoid spoilers.  Sorry!  But to get a further sneak peek, you can view The DiamonD Saga [ TV Bible Pitch ] HERE to get a general visual if it were to become a TV Series but my better guess would be Cable due to the graphic nature, sex, and tabooed theme scenes as well as the language and everything else in between.

In closing, I will wish myself LUCK , and if you`d like to send some my way, that would be much appreciated!

The DiamonD: HOLLYWOOD … 10 days & counting!


From Best Selling Indie Author, Sandra Raine, comes the next installment in the The DiamonD Saga:  The DiamonD:  HOLLYWOOD sure to deliver page-turning, can`t-put-down shock-drama with a signature blend of attitude, action & sex.


After taking total control of The DiamonD, nothing will prepare DiamonD for the danger she`s about to face.


While struggling with a string of family issues – which includes a clash of opinions, bad attitudes, jealousy, infidelity, betrayal and fist fights – DiamonD`s past – a past she thought had been taken of – comes back to haunt her after she is nabbed by a gang of Koreans with ties to an organization run by K-Town`s top pimp, Jimmy Tran.


During the intense confrontation with Jimmy and a known associate demanding the return of Stock taken from them, DiamonD instead proposes a business opportunity to keep war from trickling onto the boulevard is instead met with great resistance.


But as DiamonD is in the throes of trying to stop one of two wars threatening to destroy her and The DiamonD, a Russian crime boss`s son, Nikolas Nikolin, pays The DiamonD an unexpected visit which threatens ownership of The DiamonD`s estate unless a negotiation for DiamonD to retain ownership can be met.  But while in negotiations, DiamonD learns of a money making realty scheme and decides to blackmail The DiamonD`s way in to further their control over Hollywood. 


With the threat of war and ownership seeming to come under control, the Monteagudo Cartel makes good on their promise after making a contract with DiamonD to capture Bree, seize control of The Montoya Cartel, and bring Lola Jayne safely back home – with a little help from an in-house deception – a heated confrontation between DiamonD and Bree erupts with Bree falling victim to a vicious stabbing and DiamonD making a crucial decision that could tear apart The DiamonD indefinitely.

The DiamonD:  HOLLYWOOD is book 2 in The DiamonD Saga, book 8 in The HUSH Series.

a sneak peek into The DiamonD: HOLLYWOOD

     I’ve never killed anyone – not singlehandedly, and Reggie unfortunately, didn’t count.

     I have however, wounded a few people only because they had it coming. . .but to kill without the threat of feeling any remorse?

     I never thought it could have been possible up until now with Bree standing not more than a few feet from me with not much ground separating us, yet just enough to do some serious damage, particularly with the knife I had been holding teasing my conscience.  But to be honest, I was fucking scared out of my mind because in that moment, in my heated confrontation with Bree, I wasn’t aware what my own strength could possibly bring but based on the rage gutting me from the inside I knew it wasn’t going to be good. . .I hated Bree.  I hated everything she stood for.  I hated the grief she had caused me and my family.  I hated that her own greed had consumed her to the point of betraying me and my family, and now I wanted her dead, twelve feet under and without the possibility of her ever making it to Heaven.

     But in order to achieve that, I would have to set aside all emotions and take form into something only Bree and I could understand but judging by the weight of her repulsed gaze situated solely on me and not those around her, I realized there was nothing I could do or say to make her feel any form of regret or make her beg for any kind of forgiveness; it was as if she was void of every human emotion except for hate.

     “I’m sorry, Bree,” I said with every sentimentality I had left within me for her as it was all I was capable of giving since I couldn’t give the past back to her.  And just for a moment did I feel weak and submissive as I dared to sink to the level, to the mentality of a fourteen-year-old girl who clearly had me dangling from her pride like the puppet she obviously had intended for me to be all along, and only if it meant I was to have Lola Jayne back in my life; I was willing to do anything.

     “You should be, Jane,” Bree retorted mechanically.  “And you should also be ashamed of yourself because as of this moment DiamonDs are NOT a girl`s best friend but their own worst enemy.”

     “I don’t understand,” I said staring at Bree semi-incomprehensibly.  Bree smirked and snapped her fingers at one of Montoya’s guards standing closest to the main door.  He quickly stood at attention.

     “Bring her in,” Bree then ordered the guard who nodded and quickly opened the door.  And to my appalling surprise, Slim walked into the room with Lola Jayne right by her side.

     “Oh, my. . .oh, my God!  Slim?!” I couldn’t help but to gasp as I stared at both my daughter and Slim with convincing surprise.  Slim then slipped me a wink while Lola Jayne just stood there staring at me partially scared, partially confused because even she knew she had recognized blood – Lola Jayne knew I was her mother.  But before I could bend to a seemingly wounded knee and take Lola safely into my arms, Slim quickly leaned into Lola’s ear and pointed in the direction of Shane.

     “Go,” Slim then urged Lola, giving her petite body a stern shove toward Shane.  And like the good and obedient girl Lola obviously was, she nodded and sprinted passed me, toward the direction of Shane who quickly swept Lola up into his arms and swiftly whisked her out of the room through the door located opposite the direction of the room where two of Montoya’s guards were also guarding; something Bree did not foresee which prompted her on the defensive, particularly with the guards who made no attempt to stop Shane.

     “What the fuck?!” Bree bellowed as her eyes lit up in horror because she had not anticipated for Lola Jayne to have been taken from her like that.  Bree, in a state of contemplating rage, attempted to confront me but it was Slim who had quickly grabbed Bree’s arm and held her back.  “What the fuck are you doing?!” Bree demanded, shifting her rage to Slim.  “We had a fucking agreement, you backstabbing little bitch!” Bree then spat accusingly at Slim.  And when Bree saw that Slim had no intention on answering her, shen then shifted that same rage onto Montoya’s guards, yelling, “Why the fuck are you guys just standing there for?!  Go and get her, goddamn it!  Now!”

     “You’re wrong, Bree,” I countered as I slowly stepped to her thus forcing her to balk at my sudden intrusion.  Bree then stole an unnerving glance from the guards before settling that same unnerving look onto me.

     “Wh – what?!” Bree then staggered in a state of daze and confusion while that fear of defeat began to overshadow her confidentiality as she realized she had just been betrayed, and not by Slim or Montoya but by the coercion of The DiamonD; Montoya’s guards had proven that very fact because neither one of them made an attempt to protect Bree from me. . .they just cocked back their guns, leaving Bree completely vulnerable.

     “DiamonDs,” I replied towering over Bree’s fear, “are a girl’s best friend.”

     “You. . .fucking bitch!” Bree cursed with every sentiment of disgust her words could fathom right before she hocked up some spit and spat it at me.  “You-goddamn-fucking-backstabbing – b – bi – bitch – ” and instead of Bree’s words flowing easily and relentlessly off her tongue they had instead staggered jaggedly, particularly when she had touched the left side of her torso.  Bree pulled back her hand a second later and noticed that it was fully covered in blood and she began to panic.

     “J – Jane?” Bree then slurred suddenly as she stared at me in utter shock just as I took a dreaded step back and listened to the pin drop silence unfolding all around me.  I mean there were no gasps of shock and awe or even a shred of sympathy when the knife had shanked Bree back-to-back beneath her armpit; nothing short or shy of your basic gang related stabbing.  But it was when Bree had caught wind of the unsympathetic gestures had it occurred to her that she may indeed die alone and that began to scare her.

     “J – J – JANE?!” Bree then repeated a second time only now she sounded agonized and desperate as if she were trying to hold onto what little life yet to escape her as both her hands reached out to me but I had refused to help her.  Eventually Bree did fall forward.  And instead of letting her fall to the floor I instead caught her.  My knees then buckled and together Bree and I dropped to the floor with her blood literally spilling out of her.

     “Wh – why?” she then sobbed as those despairing words gurgled out of her bloodied mouth.  I didn’t have an answer.  “Wh – why, J – Jane?” she then had the audacity to ask again; she was starting to feel cold, and again I don’t answer.  Instead I just held her there in my arms, steadily rocking her body and running my fingers through her shiny blond hair which was starting to dull with every crucial second that passed her.  Bree’s breathing was beginning to shorten into labored breaths because the end was nearing. . .and still yet, I had no answer for her. 

     “Shh. . .Shh. . .Shh,” I shushed.  “Just keep breathing as long as you can, Bree,” I coached as I gazed down into her eyes, watching that bright spirit of life slowly distinguish into its infinite darkness.  “Shh. . .Shh. . .Shh,” I repeated sweeping an impassive glance on the faces of those standing before me; faces looking just as impassive, yet I could feel the energy of their emotions burning through my flesh.  And they couldn’t help those feelings really as it only proved that they were human.  Me, on the other hand. . .“It’ll be over soon,” I then consoled a moment later and without the slightest bit of empathy simply because I didn’t have it in me. . .not for her.

     Bree gave her last breath and I stopped rocking her body to stare down at her.  And just for a moment did I feel like I was back in Vegas, back in that desert with Jenna’s lifeless body in my arms right before she slumped onto the hot sand, dead.  And this was the exact way Bree had slumped onto the floor but in her own pool of blood.  And instead of trying to make sense of Bree’s death the way I had tried to do with Jenna, I instead accepted it only because there was no sense when it came to death.  It just happened the way many things happened and for reasons unexplained.  I had come to the conclusion that when a person is born it is up to them to do with it however they pleased just as long as they understood the consequences, both good and bad.  And this was the consequence Bree had chosen.  And this was the consequence I had chosen.  Now that we both made our beds, it was only fair to die in them. . .or so I had believed as I wasn’t the one with the knife in her hand.   


excerpt from The DiamonD: BLOOD

excerpt from Las Vegas, NV – II


Henry and I strolled into The Royals night club nestled cozily within the Freemont District, and we didn’t walk in alone, four of Henry’s guards – two to the front and two to the back – walked in with us.  I assumed that if this were any other respectable night club we would have definitely drawn attention but since The Royals was a known gangster hangout, the attention was minimal.

Perhaps it was the dim intimate lighting blanketing the crowds below, or maybe it was the faint haze of distinct cigar smoke lingering across the night club, or could it have been the various inaudible of cocktail conversations beneath Sade’s sensual mash-up songs that had something to do with the minimal attention?  Whatever the case, it made me comfortable enough to put down my defenses and ease the tension that had been shifting throughout my body since we left Henry’s place.

Henry slipped a casual arm around my waist and led me to the bar that was literally in the shape of a dollar sign.  The entire bar’s counter brim was literally decked out in crystals giving it a jagged look nostalgic of the 60’s and 70’s while the surface was a smooth and polished midnight black.

The bar was full with literally no place to sit; it was like an SBO – standing bar only – I mean, it was literally that packed with various men in slick back hair, Armani suits and expensive cologne to draw even the most condescending woman this side of Vegas while the ladies were in sexy short cocktail dresses with plunging necklines and backlines, many sporting stilettos strippers would cut off a foot just to have – the visual was that intoxicating.

Henry removed his arm around my waist as he motioned to one of the four male bartenders.  They were dressed in white long sleeved shirts and black bowties.  They were clean shaven with neither showing any tattoos.

“Heineken and a straight Bourbon whiskey,” Henry ordered.

“The lady can have my seat,” a gentleman in his obvious fifties and wearing a Fedora then said giving up his bar stool to Henry beneath a stiff nod.

“Thank you,” Henry returned the nod.  “Have a seat,” Henry said pointing to the empty stool.  The legs were polished chrome and the seat was leather black with a crystal button in the center and the stool’s brim mimicking the bars’.  I quickly sat down to avoid someone else claiming it.

“I’d say you blend right in,” Henry then winked and smirked down at me after he had spent five minutes checking out the ladies.

The “ladies” were quite young, and it was obvious that they enjoyed partying with dangerous men because neither harbored a care in the world; they just smiled, laughed and flirted, tossing their plush long manes around as if they had just spent some serious money on their hair and they wanted everyone to notice.  And what was it with solid red porn length nails because it seemed like every woman I gazed at were sporting them.  I glanced down at my nails – they were half the size and French manicured – suddenly I felt out of place that is until a woman I thought I had forgotten casually stood beside me.  She was holding a Corona with her nails painted clear as the day.  I looked up at her and she gazed down at me with a certain amount of curiousness as if pondering to why I was even here.  The young woman grinned behind her pretty green eyes – to which I believed were still contacts – and sipped her beer sensually for a moment before opening her pretty pout to speak.

“It’s quite surprising to see you here in this,” and her words abruptly halted with her eyes sweeping around the club inquisitively, “little slice of criminal heaven,” she added beneath a sensual croon.

“Hmm,” I said taking an unnerving sip of my Bourbon whiskey.  “No Ginger Ale tonight?” I said through a pretty pout all my own.  The young woman’s body language shifted from guarded to sensual.

“Nope.  Just Corona’s for me, baby,” she then said running a delicate finger down the silhouette of my jawline.  I was going to slap her hand away as women weren’t my thing but Henry already had a hold on her wrist, and from the looks of his grasp, it wasn’t gentle.  But before either could object to the other’s intrusion, Henry’s guards stood to attention as well as the woman’s guards:  The young woman was Carmelo’s girl.

My heart skipped a massive beat, particularly when I looked up and saw that burning rage penetrating Henry’s eyes which took me by complete surprise.  I mean, the last time I saw him semi-pissed is when I jacked his Jag and stole his money.  But to see him this way – untamed and enraged – sent shivers up and down my spine.  “Keep. . .you’re fucking hands off her,” Henry then seethed between a perfect set of gritted teeth strong enough to literally gnaw Carmelo’s girl in half.

“Ooh,” she then winked while I gasped, “So Romeo does have a hard on for big girl pussy. . .mmm!”

“I’m serious, Ruby.” Henry maintained as Ruby’s wrist continued to choke within Henry’s grasp.

“Do me a favor, Henario, and wipe that cum off your dick; Carmelo is asking to see the both of you!” Ruby snapped, snatching back her wrist.  She then gave it a quick nurse before motioning her head toward the back of the club.

Henry grabbed my hand and tugged me off the stool and pulled me close to his side.  “How come you never said you knew Carmelo, huh?!” Henry then took it upon himself to scold me like I was some fucking child which I truly must’ve been because I said nothing in my defense.  I just followed Henry’s lead until we both came face-to-face with Carmelo and his fairly large crew who were fanned out around his very own private booth.

Carmelo had a couple of very young girls sitting dangerously close to him.  Their lips were painted in big girl colors while the rest of their features remained natural to give that virginessence appearance even though both girls – possibly in their early teens – looked like they could host an orgy or three and still make it home to eat dinner and get ready for school the next day.  It was. . .a sight.

“Well,” Carmelo smiled as his predatorily eyes sized me up then down, “I must say it gives me great pleasure. . .in seeing you.” And Carmelo hadn’t even completed his sentence as Henry had Carmelo’s head by the barrel end of his customize Glock after he mustered the word “pleasure”.  “You two are lovers?” Carmelo smirked because his men now had Henry and his men by the barrel of their guns.  For a moment the entire club fell silent after they had grasp sight of the various Glocks surrounding the booth with Carmelo, Henry and I at the very center of its heat.

“Henario,” Carmelo spoke softly, “please, have a seat,” he then smiled as he motioned to the left of the booth which was Henry’s right.  Henry’s jaw clenched thus forcing him with no other choice but to pull back his Glock after he saw that we were clearly outnumbered.

The club immediately returned to business the moment Henry settled his Glock down to his side.  I maneuvered around Henry and slid into the booth, taking his hand so he could sit down beside me.  Henry didn’t resist taking his seat but he couldn’t resist putting his gun away as he kept it exposed on top of the table in front of him; he still had his fingers wrapped around it.  But since Henry and Carmelo were busy having their own pissing match about who had the bigger balls – compliments of their heated gazes literally burning through their eyes – neither noticed me taking my Glock out of my purse nor as I settled it carefully just above my left knee.

“Careful, DiamonD,” Ruby cautioned with a look of arousal that could have easily had me eating out of her pussy if I hadn’t been such a sucker for men.

In my honest opinion, Ruby was by all definitions a “drop-dead gorgeous” woman who could easily have any man she desired if only she’d do away with the tough guy act and if she’d lost that strap-on constantly tucked in between her long legs.

“My, my,” Carmelo chuckled at Ruby, “seems like we’re all packing tonight!  Verda, mija?”

“Cut the fucking bullshit, Cortez, and tell us why you requested to see us, hmm?” Henry snapped as he wasn’t amused.  Carmelo and Ruby exchanged smiles.  And the way they were both smiling at each other left a bitter taste in my mouth which indicated that something was up.  I braced myself.

“Actually, I wanted to talk to DiamonD here,” Carmelo said urgently.

Henry looked at me and I looked at Henry with neither of us saying a goddamn word.  “So talk,” Henry said shifting his attention to Carmelo and staring at him dryly.

“Fine,” Carmelo said straightening himself in his seat while his baby hos sat there stiff and listened.  “I’d like to know what you’re doing here in this place filled with gangsters and hitmen when there’s a thirty million dollar contract on your head.”

“‘A thirty million dollar contract’?” I repeated whimsically as I sat back in my seat and stared at Carmelo baffled because I hadn’t heard anything as outrages as that.  I mean, Carmelo did flash me a smirk which could be taken as him toying with me but then I noticed that Ruby wasn’t sharing any of her boss’s humor which meant there was some seriousness in Carmelo’s words.

“By whom?” I finally summoned up enough courage to speak after my eyes glanced over my shoulder in search of anyone wishing to stake their claim on me.  And when I saw that there was no attempt from behind or around me, especially from Henry – who just sat there with this apprehensive look mirrored to mine – had I thought to ask.

Instead of answering, Carmelo instead picked up his Dos Equis and finished downing the last of his beer without a care in the world.  “Monet Monteagudo,” Carmelo retorted as he motioned the passing waitress for another beer.

“Come again?” Henry dared to intervene, shifting a suspicious glance between me and Carmelo before that suspicion eventually settled on me.  “What’s he fucking talking about, Jane?  And why would that cartel put a contract on your head?” And while I would have liked to have sat there believing that he felt a genuine concern for my dilemma, Henry instead did the opposite and presumed, “What did you do to piss her off?”

“What?” I was stunned.  Henry let out a hefty sigh and shook his head in utter disbelief.

“Fuck!” he then exasperated coercing Carmelo to smirk.  It was obvious that he enjoyed seeing Henry plagued by a bit of grief which automatically told me that there was some beef between them.

“He doesn’t know?” Carmelo then had the audacity to fuel Henry’s already raging fire.  ‘Cause a second later, Henry got up from his seat and abruptly grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the booth with him.

Honestly I didn’t know what the fuck was going on or why Henry was even tripping over something that had nothing to do with him.  I mean, as far as I was concerned, we were just out for some conversations and drinks, not for him to get sucked up in all my pimp drama crap!

“What the fuck, Henry!?” I bellowed from beneath the cigar haze and a Harry Connick, Jr. tune.

Henry abruptly halted in his tracks and quickly moved me off to one side leaving me completely stumped, particularly when he did a double glance over his right shoulder as if he were looking for someone.  A second later, he motioned his head guard to him and whispered something in his ear.  The guard nodded and shot another of the guards a certain look that I took as an order of diversion, and I assumed, against Carmelo.

Henry looked back at me with an expression that I had recognized as clear as day and that was for me to keep my mouth shut and follow his lead wherever it led.  I gulped back my fear.  And even though it was just a bunch of small time gangsters and hitmen that should have sent me literally pissing my panties, it was actually the fear of Henry and I being outnumbered and not necessarily the fear of being threatened by what they were.

Henry had opened his mouth to say something but his cell unexpectedly pinged him.  Henry read the text quickly and merely nodded.  He shoved his cell back into his trouser pocket and casually leaned back with me slightly leaning forward to get a glimpse of who Henry was looking at.  Two of Carmelo’s men were heading our way but they were having difficulty squeezing through the crowd that had gathered on the dancefloor.  Right then and there, Henry grabbed my hand and rushed us out of the club and into a Pearl Escalade where two of Henry’s guards anxiously awaited us.  Once we were situated inside, the Escalade sped off with another of Henry’s Escalades trailing us.

We coasted down Freemont Street for about a good mile before the Escalade veered off onto a side street where it then drove two blocks up before coming to a dead stop on the parking lot of an old Mom and Pop’s restaurant.

“Come on,” Henry said grabbing my hand and ushering me off the Escalade as fast as he could.

“What are we doing?” I pried anxiously with my heart still beating rapidly from the getaway.

“Switching vehicles,” Henry said quickly as he led me to another awaiting vehicle, a Jaguar sedan.  It was quiet out except for the clicking of my heels and a couple of dogs barking further down the street.  A car drove past us, and just for a second did I freeze, hoping that it wasn’t any of Carmelo’s men because from what I saw those motherfucks weren’t exactly pushovers; they were big guys with obviously nothing to lose except for a few pounds.   After the car disappeared from sight it was then when I was able to breathe a sigh of relief.

“So, seriously, Jane, what did you do to offend Monet to put a contract out on your head?” Henry asked about five minutes into the drive.  I noticed we were heading east, away from the Strip and the District.

“Are you taking me home?” I said ignoring Henry’s question.  He nodded.  “Why?  I mean, it’s still early out.”

“Knowing Monet, she’s got a lot of Vegas covered.  And Carmelo is right up there with her.  There’s a good chance he’s dropped a dime on you already.”

“I wouldn’t say that,” I retorted confidently as I stared out the window; my eyes trying to catch sight of every building we passed but it was useless because every building we drove past was a blur.

“Why?  I mean, it’s obvious you and Carmelo know each other?” Henry pointed out quickly.  I nodded.

“I gave him some “stock” a few months back.”

“You ‘gave’ him some stock?” Henry raised a quizzical eyebrow.  I nodded.  “Hmm,” he then pondered for a sec before asking, “In exchange for what?”

“Bree,” I said rousing in my seat a little.

“I don’t follow, Jane?”

“What’s there to follow, Henry?”

“Do you want to talk about it?”


“Okay,” Henry nodded turning the Jag onto a main street.  “But just so you know, that that doesn’t mean he’ll be loyal?” he then added, now referring back to Carmelo and Monet with Carmelo possibly snitching out my whereabouts.

“I know,” I said keeping my gaze glued to the street.  “There’s no loyalty in this business, right?” I said as I looked at Henry critically because my comment had also applied to him.

Henry got the hint and chuckled.  “And here I thought I was doing you a favor by keeping your kids out of harm’s way.”

“No, that’s not it,” I disagreed.

“Then what was it?  Because I can assure you, Jane, that I’m getting bored with the same conversation.” Henry stated boredly – literally.

“Never mind,” I said looking back out the window.  “So now that Carmelo is aware of me, and so is Monet. . .what’s the plan?”

“You still haven’t answered my question about why you made Monet your number one enemy?”

“It’s a long story, Henry,” I complained.

“Well make it short then,” Henry suggested dryly.

“Fine.  She’s pissed because I took something of theirs that didn’t belong to them.  And when it was all over, we ended up taking a whole lot more.”


“The DiamonD.”

“Ah!  I’m listening,” Henry urged.

“And that’s the long story short.” I reminded.

“Fair enough,” Henry mustered as he made a left turn onto another street.  I was starting to feel faint with all these sporadic turns, and the fact that Monet had a contract out on my head didn’t make my situation any better; it just intensified it.

I leaned back further in my seat and tried to concentrate on something else; something that didn’t pertain to the Life but it seemed that everywhere I turned it was there like an open wound that I couldn’t bandage and let heal because it was constantly being ripped open by some infection or another.

“Jesus, Henry,” I mustered beneath a labored breath, “now that they know I’m here, they’re gonna come after me – ”

“Relax, Jane,” Henry said squeezing my hand.

“No, Henry,” my voice cracked, “they’re going to hurt me and everything I hold close to me.  Don’t you see?!” I cried out scared.

“Jane, please, I’m driving,” Henry reminded unevenly which I assumed was the exact way he was feeling emotionally.  “Let me get you home, and then we’ll decide something.”

“So. . .you don’t have a plan?” my voice cracked again.  Henry sighed out worried and left it at that.


“I need to hide this car in your garage,” Henry said as we pulled onto the neighboring street to where I lived.  “You got a remote?” he then pried.  I shook my head.

“It’s in the van. . .in the garage.”

“Call the house and tell them to open the garage.” Henry said.  I picked up my cell and dialed Tommy.

What?  Did you buy a car? Tommy thought to argue.  Obviously he didn’t hear the overwhelming concern in my voice.  So I repeated myself, only a little more aggressively.

“Tommy, please!  Just open the fucking garage!”

Jesus, Jane!  Shit! Tommy then bitched, hanging up on me.

I was glad to see that the light to the garage wasn’t on as I didn’t want any neighbors seeing us pull in with a Jaguar.  I guess I was just worried about bringing to much attention to Tommy and the others since I had already brought attention to myself.

I quickly jumped out of the Jag the second Henry parked.  He hadn’t even cut the engine by the time I had hit the button to draw down the garage door which was always quite slow and nerve wrecking.

Henry got off the Jag and followed me into the house.  There was music playing off the HD TV as Henry and I stepped into the kitchen from the hallway leading to the garage.  I hadn’t noticed Tommy and the guys, and Amby and Tyan sitting at the dining table surrounded by tonight’s earnings and a few bottles of beer until Tommy jumped up from his chair and stared at Henry like he had just seen his worst enemy.

“What the fuck is he doing here?!” Tommy seethed after Lennon had cut the music with his TV remote.  Lennon, too, was on his feet as well as K. Vaughn.  As for Amby and Tyan, they were literally glued to their seats.

“It’s good to see you, too, Tommy,” Henry spoke like a true gentleman.

“Umm. . .we all have to talk,” I instead said.  “Where’s Slim and Vi?” I then asked settling my purse on top of the breakfast bar where Henry also settled the keys to his Jag; I saw that my hand had trembled.

“What’s wrong?” Tommy said suddenly, stepping to me concerned.  He could clearly see that I was troubled which troubled him.

“We have a problem,” Henry retorted shortly as I stole an anxious glance at him.  I could see that Henry was trying to be neutral especially toward Tommy who looked like he was just seconds away from beating Henry down with his bare fists.

“Oh, yeah,” Tommy’s lips pursed, “what’s the problem?” he then said looking to me for the answer.  Henry had picked up on Tommy’s vibe and kept to his silence.

“Hey, Jane!” Slim said cheerily as she came down the stairs with Roman in her arms.  My heart instantly lit up with all my troubles fading away the second my eyes swept over my son.

“Hey, Slim,” I said beneath an earnest smile.  I quickly left my stance and greeted Slim at the bottom of the last step and took Roman from her.  I held him tightly in my arms and kissed his tiny lips gently.  I placed a finger against the palm of his tiny hand and his tiny fingers curled around it; the gesture melted my heart and brought a tear to my eye because I was his momma and he trusted me enough to hold onto.  I couldn’t think of any other feeling other than that feeling in the world – to trust somebody wholeheartedly – that was the trust my son had with me.

And right now my job was to get him home, back to The DiamonD, back to Shane as it occurred to me just now that I couldn’t have the blood of those I loved on my hands, particularly my son’s.  I had to leave.  I had to go somewhere far so that Monet wouldn’t hurt him or those I loved.  The contract was on my head and my head alone; no one was to blame but me.  I had started this war for Bree but now I needed to end it to give me peace and closure from Bree since I’ve had nothing but ill will toward her with her betraying me.  And I realized that between blood and family, blood had to come out alive.  And with Shane and I at a potential for being killed, we’d both be useless to our son, and I couldn’t have that, not with him as he was my second chance in everything.



How to best describe The DiamonD Saga…

So how would I best describe The DiamonD Saga?


Hmm. . .cartoon_thinking_woman_clipart?


I`d say it`s almost like watching a soap opera only it`s not on TV but instead read through words; everybody who`s anybody in the series is going to have a hand in it which will make for one unique and interesting saga.


Here are some so-so facts: 


The entire HUSH series isn`t about drug cartels and gang wars as it deals strictly with the sex trade from prostitution to trafficking to slavery.


As with any [fictional] story dealing with crime organizations, The DiamonD Saga is no exception as it too struggles with/for control and power at the same time dealing with “in house“ drama and bullshit – something “soaps“ are made of.  Days of Our Lives and Santa Barbara were my faves, btw!


For those of you just tuning into The HUSH Series and its Sagas for the first time, and for those of you who are Vets to the series, the entire DiamonD Saga will be told through both the Author and Jane`s narrative voice to give the story more depth and insight to all the characters involved.  So prepare your cerebrals; it`s about to get bounced around a bit.


The majority of the Saga will be centralized around Jane as it was in The HUSH Series and DiamonD, The Trilogy – so, wipe sweat off brow!


If you thought The HUSH Series was already culturally diverse enough, prepare yourself as more cultures will be featured with some bounding to clash.



Well, that`s it for now.  I thank you for stopping by and reading!



~Devlin De La Chapa