Pocket`size Novelettes … now available

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Henry Pimp Romeo 4 x 6 Print pic 1

Yes!  HUSH`s Novelettes have been downsized to the size of Amazon`s first Fire Tablet – Ouch!  But, yeah … the proof is in the pic!


Tommy NoveletteNovelettes Available at the moment … $6 ea.

Shane Novelette

The HUSH Saga…now available on Kindle & Print

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Merry Christmas, Readers & Fans of HUSH!  Just a heads up that HUSH, HUSHED and JANE. are now available together in one book ~ The HUSH Saga for $3.49 on Amazon and will only be available for a Limited Time; after, it will only be available in print.

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Thanks Readers, Fans & Guests of HUSH for clicking on the link(s).  As you can very well see, HUSH’s new site is no different from its old site.  Everything is the same ~ simple and easy to navigate.  Threads, Information and Musings about HUSH or The DiamonD Saga will continue to be posted soon or as often as I can get to posting, so from time-to-time keep checking back!



Devlin De La Chapa