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About HUSH Interlude


With the release of HUSH Interlude’s novella less than a month away, I wanted to take this time to briefly touch up on what else is to be included in the book that may be slightly off topic to what is originally anticipated which is the 72 hour insight of what happened to both Jane and Bree at the end of ‘the DiamonD’.


For those of you who have read the entire HUSH series thus far, there probably were some issues within the books that left you scrunching your forehead confused.  Like for example and in no particular order:


The supposed mystery Key that was given to Jane in ‘DiamonD’.

Dominic, Justin and Josh’s sudden allegiance to Jane in ‘JANE.’

Bree’s puzzling behavior after she is rescued in ‘the DiamonD’.

The lack of detail between Shane and Devin’s father in ‘the DiamonD’.


Or questions like:


Why was Andrew Parker so adamant about Jane as well as fixated?

What was the purpose of Pontius raping the girl in front of Jane?

Who really is Tanya Ray?

What happened to Henry Church after Jane left him stranded near Abel’s Hell?

Why did Sara say she’d forever love, honor and respect Jane?


So to spare such suspense and additional forehead scrunching, these issues will be addressed as well as incorporated throughout the novella as this is what is going to tie in those 72 hours missing from ‘the DiamonD’.


Though I originally wanted to address those issues in the upcoming novel, ‘the DiamonD:  BLOOD’ I decided to go on ahead and addresss them in HUSH’s Interlude as I personally feel it will do more justice there and not necessarily in ‘the DiamonD:  BLOOD’ which, and in my opinion, would read more like a ramble than a story.


Now that I’ve clarified that … Whew, btw! … and just to give a heads up about the form and flow of HUSH Interlude:  HUSH Interlude will continue to read like your average novel or novella, however portions of the book will jump back and forth between the present and the past to address those issues in detail but through a 3rd person narrative so there might be some frustration within the sudden interruptions.


Don’t worry Readers, you’ll survive!



~Devlin De La Chapa  


‘the DiamonD’, summary


As Jane a.k.a. DiamonD finds herself one step closer to being reunited with her sister, Jane’s fear is about to take a turn for the worse after she learns that her sister – who Jane still believes is rumored to be in the hands of the cartel – along with a handful of other girls, has recently been sold to a Las Vegas pimp.


Though not directly in the hands of her new pimp as of yet, Jane’s sister is in lieu of a “drop” scheduled by the cartel as they make their way toward L.A., and it will be up to Jane, and her newly established Organization, ‘the DiamonD’, to intercede.


With just days away from the cartel entering ‘the DiamonD’s’ terrain, Jane and ‘the DiamonD’ devise a plan to arrange a meeting with the Vegas pimp in hopes of persuading him to Trade-Up Jane’s sister for another girl in order to continue on with their original plan against the cartel just might pose as a problem considering a history of bad blood with ‘the DiamonD’s’ head member Memo and the pimp’s taste in girls matching the description of Jane’s sister.


Now with Jane and ‘the DiamonD’ facing the threat of a possible war with the Vegas pimp if an agreement isn’t reached prior to the cartel’s “drop” and the constant drama plaguing Jane’s controversial world will be nothing compared to the shocking decision Jane makes and the consequences that follow after she is at long last reunited with her sister.

‘the DiamonD’, releasing soon!

Greetings, Fans & Readers of HUSH:

Just a reminder that ‘the DiamonD’ is still available for Pre-order with the scheduled release date of December 25th, 2016, Christmas Day.

If not, and you’d rather wait for its release, well, that is good too!

And just another reminder that you can’t read ‘the DiamonD’ without reading the DiamonD or DiamonDs which are both available for purchase in Kindle & Print, but then again, that’s entirely up to you.

Either way, I do hope you all enjoy the latest & the last installment in The DiamonD Trilogy!


~Devlin De La Chapa

writing as “Sandra Raine”

HUSH revision update

Just a heads up, and unfortunately –  due to issues beyond my control – HUSH is still in revision.  So, my sincerest apologies for the delay.

Will post to the site once the revision has been completed.

Thank you for your patience.  Any questions, please feel free to email:



Devlin De La Chapa


HUSH revision underway


Just a heads up that HUSH (the novel) is undergoing another revision, and with some help.  So hopefully this one will suffice and not be subjected to microscopic scrutiny in the Art of Grammar and Punctuation!

Date of Expected Revision Completion:  No later than June 30th, 2016.

Hush__Cover_for_Kindle (2)

And THANKS to everyone who read HUSH despite its errors!



HUSH: what is it really about?

As to not bore the Readers and the Fans with a lengthy summary on what HUSH is all about I decided to compile the following in as little words as possible.



First off, The HUSH Series or The HUSH Saga – in which I haven’t quite decided on as of yet – is a cross between Breaking Bad, Empire & The Sopranos, and entails the following ~


















and Hate.


Secondly, HUSH is a Ten Book Series depicted in Two Trilogies and One Quadrilogy. (Yes, the word “Quadrilogy” actually exists!)


And lastly, HUSH follows the story of Anna “Jane” Parker, a naive and privileged suburban teen who spends the beginning of her teenaged years as “Diamond”, a sex-trafficking victim working for her disturbed family as a prostitute who then later goes on to becoming DiamonD, a renegade prostitute on the tracks of Hollywood where she works her way up to becoming a Madam and eventually the crime Boss in her family’s sick and twisted criminal empire.


While the series is solely told through Jane’s eyes, at times the series will briefly host a prelude narrative told through my eyes.  So prepare.


On an end note, and to begin with, HUSH was never intended on becoming a series as it was intended as a stand~alone novel. The idea of expanding HUSH was based on a few emails I had received asking if there was going to be a sequel to HUSH. . .And so HUSHED was born, and from HUSHED, JANE. and from JANE. the second trilogy in The HUSH Series, The DiamonD Series/Saga beginning with DiamonD which is set for release in mid to late April, 2016.