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Since HUSH:  Interlude is en lieu of a name change, book cover make~over, and MS/format revision, HUSH:  Interlude will no longer be available as an e~book.

This sudden decision came, and was in part of, the book’s MS interior as I personally found it to be confusing, as well as disruptive, as I – without conscience – had incorporated “Missing Excerpts” in between HUSH:  Interlude’s story thus throwing the story for a massive head~spin so I was not quite happy with that; and I’m sure many readers are feeling the same or felt the same after they had read the book.

Though I saw or seen no problem with the HUSH:  Interlude’s book cover, I just felt another would be more appropriate.

As for the name:  “HUSH:  Interlude” … well, it’s just to common of a Title.  So I felt that in order to “stand~out” from other book titles, a new title had to be in order.

So in closing, an update on HUSH:  Interlude will follow this post shortly.  And as of Friday, March 10th, 2017, HUSH:  Interlude will no longer be available as an e~book but as a print/paperback for those wishing to collect or add to The HUSH Series‘s Collection.


Thank you for stopping by and reading,

~Devlin De La Chapa

writing as “Sandra Raine”

HUSH: Interlude. . .now available

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

HUSH:  Interlude

is now available on Amazon


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About HUSH Interlude

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With the release of HUSH Interlude’s novella less than a month away, I wanted to take this time to briefly touch up on what else is to be included in the book that may be slightly off topic to what is originally anticipated which is the 72 hour insight of what happened to both Jane and Bree at the end of ‘the DiamonD’.


For those of you who have read the entire HUSH series thus far, there probably were some issues within the books that left you scrunching your forehead confused.  Like for example and in no particular order:


The supposed mystery Key that was given to Jane in ‘DiamonD’.

Dominic, Justin and Josh’s sudden allegiance to Jane in ‘JANE.’

Bree’s puzzling behavior after she is rescued in ‘the DiamonD’.

The lack of detail between Shane and Devin’s father in ‘the DiamonD’.


Or questions like:


Why was Andrew Parker so adamant about Jane as well as fixated?

What was the purpose of Pontius raping the girl in front of Jane?

Who really is Tanya Ray?

What happened to Henry Church after Jane left him stranded near Abel’s Hell?

Why did Sara say she’d forever love, honor and respect Jane?


So to spare such suspense and additional forehead scrunching, these issues will be addressed as well as incorporated throughout the novella as this is what is going to tie in those 72 hours missing from ‘the DiamonD’.


Though I originally wanted to address those issues in the upcoming novel, ‘the DiamonD:  BLOOD’ I decided to go on ahead and addresss them in HUSH’s Interlude as I personally feel it will do more justice there and not necessarily in ‘the DiamonD:  BLOOD’ which, and in my opinion, would read more like a ramble than a story.


Now that I’ve clarified that … Whew, btw! … and just to give a heads up about the form and flow of HUSH Interlude:  HUSH Interlude will continue to read like your average novel or novella, however portions of the book will jump back and forth between the present and the past to address those issues in detail but through a 3rd person narrative so there might be some frustration within the sudden interruptions.


Don’t worry Readers, you’ll survive!



~Devlin De La Chapa  


HUSH Interlude ~ a novella

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A HUSH Series Novella

          Valentine’s Day, 2017



~ Happy New Year ~

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to All the Readers & Fans of HUSH!

Just a simple note:  HUSH Interlude is currently underway.

For those just tuning into The HUSH Series, HUSH Interlude is a novella short about the rescue of Jane’s sister.

‘the DiamonD:  BLOOD’, book I of IV in ‘the DiamonD Saga’, and book #7 in The HUSH Series is due out late Summer, 2017.

~Devlin De La Chapa