HUSH Controversy

HUSH AD 2Truth be told that HUSH and it`s entire Series isn`t your average follow-her-to-the-bedroom-then-shut-the-door-in-your-face-stop-there-kind-of-books. . .Oh, no! HUSH goes beyond those other books where the Author only takes you [ the reader ] so far before leaving you stranded in your tracks – I don`t do that. In fact, I`ve been described as an Author who`s “tossed everything in minus the kitchen sink!“ because of the graphic nature involved as it pushes the boundaries between teen and kid prostitution, sexual enslavement, sex-trafficking, incest; violence, manipulation and rape. . .strong issues that may not sit well with everyone, particularly as I quote Shane Diamond: “This is a dirty business. . .we`re in the business of dirty – I won`t apologize.“ I, too, will make no apology; you`re either going to Love The HUSH Series or Hate it – there`s no in between.